I was SO excited to finally watch BLUSH! If you missed it, you can watch the first episode on . I thought that Maxie was amazing, despite his douchey personality.

The show was very inspiring, and I’ve been inspired to go out to Michaels and acquire STENCILS!

I am also very glad that the silly girl that went home went home, now they’ve got to get rid of the other silly girls that don’t  know what they’re doing!

My character analysis of the first episode:

Mo– has good ideas though has poor execution

Maxi– great ideas, great execution. an obvious drama queen but an amazing artist

Nolan – also very talented, i need to see more from him to get an idea of his talents

Rainelle– interesting ideas, though lacking something, want to see more

Sharzad – totally shouldn’t be on the show, has no clue what she’s doing

Todd– I think he will go far, good ideas

Jessica – sillier than Sharzad, shouldn’t have ever been considered for the show

Myke – I really like him, I think he has great ideas, too

Farah – I think Farah is a follower with bad ideas and poorly constructed thoughts on what is aesthetically pleasing (note : her hair is a dead give away)

But who cares what I think! Go watch the show for yourself and love every second of it just as I did.


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