My On-The-Go Makeup Kit


In photographing my purse’s makeup bag, I realized why my purse is so heavy . . .

I have an obnoxious amount of lipglosses

I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, I have a lipgloss addiction. I just can’t choose a few for my purse.

I think it is because I feel like lipgloss is a product that is supposed to be reapplied after you eat or drink, so therefore all of my lipglosses should be carried with me…

First off here is my beautiful purse. It is about a month or two old, and I love it with all of my heart. It is from Forever 21. It has these great gold buckles, I love love love everything about this purse . . .

But in case you are wondering, I would not mind having these purses

which are both from Forever 21 and under $30.

And here is the makeup explosion!

First off, the makeup is kept in my Fafi for M.A.C makeup bag that has a Purell hand sanitizer attached to it.

Next to the sanitizer is my Michael Kors Leg Shine

which is supposed to make leg’s shiney and glimmery in the sun, I still haven’t decided if it really does anything. Although, it smells amazing like magnolias, and it is very pretty in the tube ❤

Directly under that in the picture is my Sonia Kashuk creme blush, I prefer to take creme blush in my purse over powder blush because it eliminates the need for a blush brush.

As you will see, I have 16 lip products in the picture. This amazes me but I feel like I really need all of them. I need to have lip moisturizers, so I have Burt’s Bees, Chap Stic, Rosebud Lip Salve, MAC Lip Conditioner, and Mark’s moisturizing lipstick. The other glosses are clears, peaches, and a minty clear red one (in the mint green tube).

I also have 3 lipsticks (the pink one is from MAC’s Heatherette collection) and the MAC Pro longwear Lustre Lipcolor (in Pink Air/White Top)

Next to the lip products, you’ll see that I have a Rimmel eyeshadow pallet, I don’t recommend these because they have poor color payoff, but I do recommend having eyeshadows in your purse. Next to that is a NARS cream eyeshadow. I also keep a cheap eyeshadow brush in my purse.

In the picture you will also see my double ended concealer (amazing and from the drugstore… weird!), Ben Nye foundation (for if I need serious cover up, I don’t use this often), Benefit’s LemonAid for brightening my eyes, and Benefits highlighting stick.

I also always use a black liquid eyeliner which I keep in my purse and apply at the stop lights on the way to school on lazy days 😉

My compact is a gold Marc Jacobs heart and my makeup bag is Fafi!


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