Oh Sephora, I love you!


I’m so excited because I just made some purchases online at Sephora.com and I was able to take advantage of their freebies!

Sephora is really good about giving you at least 3 free samples at check out (and for every 100 purchases or something like that you get a really good sample) not to mention they give you a free birthday surprise (this year and last year it was cupcake scented bubble bath!)

This beauty box is supposed to come in a traincase that has 15 samples

So if you’re already making a purchase at Sephora.com why not go ahead and enter “BEAUTYBOX” at checkout and get your freebies!

Not into free samples? Enter “SHIPFREE25” for free shipping instead 🙂

I am also really excited about Sephora carrying the Make Up For Ever (“MUFE” as it is commonly referred to) immaculate triple pallet.

Every time I look at this I melt into a little puddle on the floor. I can not afford this pallet as it is $390 (though a $640 value) even though it is an amazing value for the amount of product that you’re getting (and these are very high end amazing eye shadows) and the fact that they’re in the beautiful professional box and they are organized by color, instead of you having to buy them individually and then organizing them by color yourself (it’s harder than it sounds!).

This pallet is limited edition and an incredible find and if you have the money to shell out on your makeup kit then please buy this.


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