Patt McGrath for Christian Dior


I found this interview with Patt McGrath, makeup artist for Christian Dior on The New York Times website. Here is a direct link to the video. It is the bottom icon in the video player. You can find the video also by going to the Fashion Review section of The New York Times website

pattinterviewThat’s Patt McGrath on the left, explaining the inspirations. She explains that the looks are loosely based on Africa, yet also very healthy, modern, and glowy, with a lot of emphasis on a glowing body. I’ve noticed that the healthy, glowing, less is more look as come back into style and I like it 🙂


Patt emphasizes that the first look is about brown eyes, glossy lips, and a glowing body

The second look is more of a light eye and a “caramel” lip


The third look, she explains, is an evening look so they used smokey browns for the eyes and a chocolate mouth.


Patt also reveals that the makeup is interesting because it can be worn by the average woman as well as the runway model, ultimately tying into the street style that will be inspired by the Dior show.

Patt explains that her most amazing memory working with John Galliano was doing an Egypt look, as it required a lot of different pieces and technicalities.



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