3 Essential Makeup Books


So whether or not you’re just starting out in makeup or you’re well-versed in the makeup world, you still need a good read. The things that are in these books are essentials to the understanding of how makeup changes the face, from a basic look to runway couture.

Chances are, if you’re readingĀ  this blog you’ve heard of Francois Nars and Kevyn Aucoin. Kevyn Aucoin passed away in 2002 from liver failure due to a painkiller addiction. He lived his life through his passion for sculpting faces and making women (and men) feel beautiful.


Making Faces and Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin

Making Faces is a great book for anyone who wants to learn the basics of contouring, highlighting, and makeup. This book is very inspiring and has been credited as the backbone for many makeup artists knowledge on face shapes and contouring. This book is definitely an essential.


Face Forward is another great book by Kevyn Aucoin that celebrates the beauty of being able to transform a face into something totally different.

alex-peruzziAn example from the Face Forward book. As you can see, Alex Peruzzi on the left, has been transformed into a Linda Evangelista look alike! At first glance, it is nearly impossible to tell that the image on the right is of a man. Learning the skill of transforming a man’s face into that of a woman is an incredible skill to obtain as a makeup artist.

nwk_101900_makeup_03Can you guess who this is?

(It’s Martha Stewart!)

The next essential book that I think is a must is the book by Francois Nars, Makeup Your Mind. When I first heard about this book I assumed that it would be just another makeup book and I would not need to check it out. When paroozing the beauty section of my local Borders, I realized otherwise…

51ad3nayg1l_sl500_aa240_The book is very thick and spiral bound (yay!), it also comes in a protective case that is very aesthetically pleasing. The concept of the book is to showcase the NARS looks and explain how they are done. The interesting thing about the book, though, is that when open the image on the left shows the model with no makeup while the image on the right shows the model with the full look. There is a plastic overlay that lays over the made up model’s face showing EXACTLY where each product is used and exactly what product is used.


Some looks from Makeup Your Mind

The book showcases many looks, from wild runway to fresh and dewy. I cannot wait to pick up this book, as I have noticed the price has dropped dramatically on Amazon.com


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