In photographing my purse’s makeup bag, I realized why my purse is so heavy . . .

I have an obnoxious amount of lipglosses

I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, I have a lipgloss addiction. I just can’t choose a few for my purse.

I think it is because I feel like lipgloss is a product that is supposed to be reapplied after you eat or drink, so therefore all of my lipglosses should be carried with me…

First off here is my beautiful purse. It is about a month or two old, and I love it with all of my heart. It is from Forever 21. It has these great gold buckles, I love love love everything about this purse . . .

But in case you are wondering, I would not mind having these purses

which are both from Forever 21 and under $30.

And here is the makeup explosion!

First off, the makeup is kept in my Fafi for M.A.C makeup bag that has a Purell hand sanitizer attached to it.

Next to the sanitizer is my Michael Kors Leg Shine

which is supposed to make leg’s shiney and glimmery in the sun, I still haven’t decided if it really does anything. Although, it smells amazing like magnolias, and it is very pretty in the tube ❤

Directly under that in the picture is my Sonia Kashuk creme blush, I prefer to take creme blush in my purse over powder blush because it eliminates the need for a blush brush.

As you will see, I have 16 lip products in the picture. This amazes me but I feel like I really need all of them. I need to have lip moisturizers, so I have Burt’s Bees, Chap Stic, Rosebud Lip Salve, MAC Lip Conditioner, and Mark’s moisturizing lipstick. The other glosses are clears, peaches, and a minty clear red one (in the mint green tube).

I also have 3 lipsticks (the pink one is from MAC’s Heatherette collection) and the MAC Pro longwear Lustre Lipcolor (in Pink Air/White Top)

Next to the lip products, you’ll see that I have a Rimmel eyeshadow pallet, I don’t recommend these because they have poor color payoff, but I do recommend having eyeshadows in your purse. Next to that is a NARS cream eyeshadow. I also keep a cheap eyeshadow brush in my purse.

In the picture you will also see my double ended concealer (amazing and from the drugstore… weird!), Ben Nye foundation (for if I need serious cover up, I don’t use this often), Benefit’s LemonAid for brightening my eyes, and Benefits highlighting stick.

I also always use a black liquid eyeliner which I keep in my purse and apply at the stop lights on the way to school on lazy days 😉

My compact is a gold Marc Jacobs heart and my makeup bag is Fafi!


I think that I was in the fifth grade when I found out that I had eczema, or atopic dermatitis. My face was red, my arms were red, my legs were red, and everything itched. The skin on my face, arms, and legs would flake off. When I was in the fifth grade, eczema wasn’t that well treated and I got to use the brilliant (yeah right) steroid creams that soothed(and bleached) my skin for a few years. After those few years I became extremely allergic to them and if they touched me, my skin would become so hot that I thought it would fall off. I remember laying in bed thinking about how I would love to just rip all of my skin off.

I remember when all they could tell me to do to soothe it was to smother Vaseline all over it and to soothe it with a hot rag. Imagine middle school when you’re the awkward red scaley-faced and armed itchy girl with glistening skin from Vaseline holding rags on your face. Yeah, not too popular 🙂

Over time, I’ve overcome the disease and can live with it as it has dramatically decreased how it affects me. I have also learned how to treat my skin and what not to do (ahemmm wet rags and vaseline = no no).

Before I get to my routine I should state that it is very important to clean and moisturize your face in the morning and at night. During the winter, heaters and dry air can ruin skin, so turn on those humidifiers!

So here it is, my skincare routine… though simple, when you can’t go to a drugstore to buy moisturizer because you’re allergic to everything, it is like heaven on earth.

I was my face with Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple

This facial cleanser has no fragrance yet doesnt smell weird, it smells natural. I use the 32oz. huge pump bottle from QVC, which (I think) is the only place where you can buy the big bottle with the pump. At $36 for what seems like a lifetime of facial cleanser, thats an AMAZING deal. I think it will take me about 2 or 3 years to use it up.

After cleansing my face, I moisturize with Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance
Dermalogica is more expensive, but not when you realize how amazing the product really is and how great your skin feels after! I would recommend going to their website and taking their survey of your face to figure out which products would work for your skin. All of their products are amazing and don’t have any scary ingredients.

When using a moisturizer, I do not just slather it on and walk out the door. After patting my face dry, I take a dime sized amount of moisturizer in the palm of my hand and lightly rub my hands together to get it on both hands. When applying the moisturizer to my face, I take time to work the moisturizer in (using upwards circular motions), like really work the moisturizer in. After I’ve applied the moisturizer I try to wait 10 minutes before applying any makeup so that the moisturizer has worked it’s way into my skin.

If I find that my skin is becoming flakey, I can use the ever popular St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which they’ve recently released in a GENTLE version (yay!). I try not to exfoliate as often as I’ve been told to because I hear differing opinions on if exfoliating is good for you or if it is bad for you.

Another good technique for REALLY making my skin feel beautiful if I’ve been out partying or haven’t slept is to take an avocado, scoop out “meat” into a bowl, add about a teaspoon of olive oil (or more, whatevs) and squish it into a guacamole, then put it all over your face. Sorry, it is gross and does feel weird, but get over it you will LOVE how it feels afterwards! Wait about thirty minutes (watch TV! take a bath!) then wipe off the goo, rinse off the rest and feel your skin.. It will be SO soft!

For an all over body exfoliant that will make your skin soft afterward, try taking a scoop of brown sugar mixed with olive oil and mix together. Rub the mixture all over in circles, massaging off the dead skin. This is one of my very favorites!



I was SO excited to finally watch BLUSH! If you missed it, you can watch the first episode on . I thought that Maxie was amazing, despite his douchey personality.

The show was very inspiring, and I’ve been inspired to go out to Michaels and acquire STENCILS!

I am also very glad that the silly girl that went home went home, now they’ve got to get rid of the other silly girls that don’t  know what they’re doing!

My character analysis of the first episode:

Mo– has good ideas though has poor execution

Maxi– great ideas, great execution. an obvious drama queen but an amazing artist

Nolan – also very talented, i need to see more from him to get an idea of his talents

Rainelle– interesting ideas, though lacking something, want to see more

Sharzad – totally shouldn’t be on the show, has no clue what she’s doing

Todd– I think he will go far, good ideas

Jessica – sillier than Sharzad, shouldn’t have ever been considered for the show

Myke – I really like him, I think he has great ideas, too

Farah – I think Farah is a follower with bad ideas and poorly constructed thoughts on what is aesthetically pleasing (note : her hair is a dead give away)

But who cares what I think! Go watch the show for yourself and love every second of it just as I did.



For Halloween I was a doe.

(you know, doe a deer… and all that)

l_63d22e1e9ffb40a18b5c3f4075ebe6a8I used a white base by Ben Nye, which I don’t necessarily advise you to use, as I think it could be of better quality. I also used brown and black eyeshadows as well as brown and black gel eyeliners (smashbox). Along with a slightly pinked cheek, and feathers glued in my hair to read as fur. Feathers are a great way to really add a “Wow” factor to any look, Michaels craft store sells nice feathers for really cheap and I use black eyelash adhesive (from Walgreens drugstore) and just use a dab of it and glue them in 🙂

note : that bird is not real, although I have similar birds

halloween5I didn’t end up doing very much for Halloween though, we just went out to eat. But even if I didn’t do anything, I love to take the time to do crazy makeup.

note: he’s  not dressed as a hunter.




I’m excited to open this blog to share everything that I know about cosmedics. Feel free to comment on my blogs or to send me an email to

Since this blog is BRAND NEW, there will still be a lot missing for a while, but here are the things that I’m planning so far:

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Check back soon for more!